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 Fuuma Clan, Swift Release
 Posted: Jul 4 2018, 03:34 PM


Rank / God

Age /

Village / Godgakure

DP / 494

Kaw / /

Fuuma Ichizoku

The Fuuma Clan (風魔一族, Fuuma Ichizoku) is a clan currently residing in Tenkaigakure no Sato. They are known for their aggressive tactics and knack for Shurikenjutsu, being the clan who made the Fuuma Shuriken known. However, their most known feature is their ability to mix Wind and Lightning chakra to form Jinton, or Swift Release, allowing them to use bursts of chakra to cause incredibly fast vibrations within their body and others. For this reason, clan members of the Fuuma Clan must have Wind or Lightning as their primary and Secondary natures. Having both opens them up for Jinton.

Clan members

Clan Head: ---

Clan Members: --- | --- | ---


Jinton: Zanzou Bunshin - Swift Release: Afterimage Clone
After causing a violent vibration throughout their body, the user creates a small burst of chakra, which carries the vibration to create a perfect copy of the user. The Clone, however, does not carry enough chakra to perform chakra based jutsu,a nd thus is limited to Taijutsu. It also only lasts for a couple of seconds, before vanishing. The upside is that it takes very little chakra to perform..
Jinton: Shiden - Swift Release: Swordflash
A powerful jutsu, which allows the user to move at incredible speed, while taking the form of a streak of light, able to cut through almost anything they pass through.
Jinton: Chiken - Swift Release: Thousand Blades
Causing a violent vibration in their arm, the user strikes the target with a punch or weapon, releasing several tiny bursts of chakra which carries the vibration to allow for the creation of multiple split-second copies of their fist or weapon, allowing them to strike several times, from several sides, all at once, overwhelming the opponents defenses.
Jinton: Hienzan - Swift Release: Swallow in Flight Beheading
Causing a violent vibration in their arm, the user performs a slashing motion, while releasing a burst of chakra. The chakra then carries the vibrations through the air, creating an invisible blade, which easily cuts through most objects,
Jinton: Hebizan - Swift Release: Snake Beheading
Causing violent vibrations within their arm or weapon, the user is able to create a curving motion, which allows them to strike at targets beyond an obstacle they wish to remain intact, such as if trying to force a person to release a hostage, Hebizan may be used to effectively cut through the hostage taker, without harming the hostage themselves.
Jinton: Moueishou - Swift Release: Shadowless Flight
Causing their body to vibrate violently at the spot, while using their chakra to keep their body from simply turning to goo, the user becomes impervious to all physical attacks, which will seem to simmply flow theough them. The Jutsu is tasking, however, and keeping it up for a prolonged peiod of time takes a great toll on the body.
Jinton: Shinsokuken - Swift Release: Extreme Speed Fist
Placing themselves in a stance, the suer pushes off the ground, while blasting chakra through their soles, shooting them forward like a bullet. Once at the height of momentum, the user then throws a punch, the speed and velocity of which allows even a weak individual to break through most barriers, though often at the cost of broken bones. Likewise, turning while using the technique is virtually impossible.
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