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Naruto Sato Kigen (literally meaning Naruto Village Era) takes place during the founding of the Five Great Ninja Vilages, however, there is a twist. The villages are not the ones we are used to from the series, but instead, completely new takes on the Naruto World! The five villages, each with their own ideals and composition of clans, are radically different from each other, sure to create tension along the way...

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 Posted: Feb 9 2017, 04:14 PM


Rank / God

Age /

Village / Godgakure

DP / 494

Kaw / /

Sajingakure no Sato Missions

This board will be used for Missions that can be taken by the ninja of the village. The missions will be placed in this post by the Mods regularly. To sign up for a mission, simply fill this form:

[b]Mission Requested:[/b] Name of Mission [b]Participants:[/b] Names of participants. See the Mission for details on the suggested number of participants.

As soon as you have signed up for a mission, you will be required to move out at a minutes notice. The mod that accepts your request will be the moderator of the Mission and will be in charge of setting up the thread and playing any relevant NPCs. D-ranks are the only exception to this rule, as they do not require a mod.

Mission Form (Mod Only)

       <dt>Mission title - D-Rank</dt>        <dd>Information here</dd>

The DP amount for each rank is: D, 5; C, 10; B, 15; A, 20; S, 25.


Moving In - D
A respected scholar has recently shown interest in being part of the village. They know a great deal about Ninjutsu despite not being a ninja, it would prove valuable. However, his things will have to be moved to the village, and be careful, some of his possessions are quite old and fragile. 2 people recommended.
Expanding the Pathways - D
As the village grows, more bridges must be built to handle the traffic. Your abilities to walk on the lake surface will prove invaluable in the construction of a new main street bridge. At least 2 people recommended.
Treating Herbs - D
The village's botanical gardens have recently wielded its long-promised medicinal and poisonous plants. Unfortunately, the gardens are painfully short-handed, meaning, you get to help in collecting the plants. At least 2 people recommended.
Hauling Goods - D
Due to some recent economical breakthroughs, the bazaar has recently gained a lot of extra merchandise. Deliver it to the expecting merchants, and you'll be rewarded. At least 3 people recommended.
Den of Wolves - C
The quarry outside the village, used for reinforcing village structures has recently got a couple new inhabitants, in the form of a pack of wolves. Chase them off, so work can continue. 3 people recommended.
Chuunin Preparations - C
A local Jounin wishes to test his team of Genin to see if they are Chuunin material. Go and help them understand the skill needed to be a middle ninja! 3 people recommended.
Desert Outlaws - C
The vast desert that is Kaze no Kuni is a dangerous, grueling place. Only the strong survive and, in this case, they survive by assaulting wandering caravans and stealing their goods. Find their den and deal with them. At least 3 people recommended.
Guard the Caravan - C
One of the more bountiful wandering caravans in Kaze no Kuni has requested a ninja guard, though they don't expect anything more than regular bandits. 3 people recommended.
Patrol the borders - B
This is an important job, though this doesn't mean it is particularly difficult. The borders of Kaze no Kuni must be kept secure from outsiders, both ninja, and criminals. At least 3 people required, at least 1 chuunin or higher.
Assassinate the Warband Leader - B
A deserting member of the Guren clan has recently established himself as the leader of a mighty warband. Despite having been only chuunin-level when he abandoned his clan and honor, he's gathered many regular bandits under his wing, harassing traders and patrols alike. At least 3 people recommended, at least 1 chuunin or higher.
Guard the Politician- A
One of Sajingakure's diplomats is going to a scheduled meeting with the Daimyo, in which they will give their report of the village's progress and current status. Your job is to protect him and ensure he is safe when he gives his report to the Daimyo. At least 2 people required, must be chuunin or higher with at least 1 jounin.
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