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Naruto Sato Kigen (literally meaning Naruto Village Era) takes place during the founding of the Five Great Ninja Vilages, however, there is a twist. The villages are not the ones we are used to from the series, but instead, completely new takes on the Naruto World! The five villages, each with their own ideals and composition of clans, are radically different from each other, sure to create tension along the way...

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 Systems Guide
 Posted: Feb 7 2017, 02:48 PM


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a guide to the systems of Naruto Sato Kigen

  1. Creating your Character
  2. Developing your Character
  3. Battles
  4. Chuunin Exams
  5. Jutsu Knowledge & Statistics
  6. Jinchuuriki
Read this, it'll explain everything.

Creating your Character

Ranks & Increases
The Ranks and Jobs thread tells you what characters of different ranks start with and/or get on promotion. One of these things are the number of Advancement points that characters have to purchase ranks in Stats and Skills at character creation on a 1:1 basis.

Each Rank has their own number of AP (Advancement Points) to spend, as well as a limit as to how high each stat or skill can go.

There is also, a limit to how many AP can be spent on stats, as well as how many of your Skills may reach the max Rank available, as these will show your trademark skills.

Developing your Character

Development Points
On Naruto Sato Kigen, Development Points (Or DP) are the currency that gets you by, used to increase your characters power, by increasing Jutsu Knowledge and purchasing powerful weapons. They are gained through simple Role-playing, with everything you do adding to your DP total.

For each in-game thread you make, you gain 1 DP, and for each reply to a thread, you gain 2 DP. Your character's current DP can be seen on your mini-profile.

Using Development Points
Whenever you wish to use your DP, post the change you wish in your character thread, whether this be a jutsu knowledge increase, a new Jutsu category, or a purchased item. The Mods will then regulate the amount and add the change to your profile. The Ninja Emporium shows the prices for different things.
Center around a specific purpose set by a Mission Mod, who controls the mission in the form of NPCs. They typically involve more people, but it is not a steadfast rule. They grant their players a set amount of bonus DP based on the mission.
A character may be present in more than one thread at a time, but must add each thread to their Timeline Tracker, to show when the different threads happen in correlation with each other. Active Missions and Site Event threads must always be the most recent.

The Form for creating a Timeline Tracker can be found Here.


Battles are an inevitable thing in the world of shinobi, and with battles, come the risk of death. Anyone actively participating in combat is considered Death enabled, and can be killed off at any point they get themselves into a situation they cannot get out of. That being said, auto-kills and controlling others' characters is a big no.

Players are expected to use common sense in their fights, as to what jutsu they can use based on their skill level and how much they can use them before running out of chakra or stamina.

Ninja Tools
Shuriken and Kunai (and alternatively, Senbon) are free to all shinobi, and all shinobi are expected to be carrying several of each type. However, any larger weaponry, such as swords, must be bought using DP. The cost can be found in the Ninja Emporium

Chuunin Exams

How they work
The Chuunin Exam is used to test the ability of young ninja, and to see who has the potential to lead and be promoted to Chuunin Rank. It is held a few times a year, the exact number depending on the amount of ready Genin.

The exam is done in two stages, a Team Stage, and a Single Stage. The exact details may differ from exam to exam, and what village is hosting the event, but the Team Stage will always feature Genin Teams pit against one another in some way, to test their capability to work together as a team, while the Single Stage, leaves each Genin on their own to test individual ability. This can be, in its simplest form, simple Tournaments, though rules might differ, or more unique ways to test the young Ninja.

How to Apply
Genin who have successfully done at least five missions and gathered a Team of three, are allowed to enter the exams whenever they start.

Jutsu Knowledge & Statistics

On Naruto Sato Kigen, we do not track individual jutsu, but rather use ranks to describe an individual character's mastery of a single field of jutsu. This is given as ranks, from E to S.

Likewise, we have 4 main statistics: Force, Speed, Stamina and Chakra Control, which help describe the character's basic capabilities. These, too, are ranked E-S.

At this level, the lowest, the character known the very basics, capable of performing one or two fundamental jutsu.

Stat-wise, this is the level of your average academy student. All stats begin at E-rank.

This is basic Genin level mastery, where the character has grown more skilled at applying different jutsu to combat situations. Genin should be this proficient in their primary jutsu category.

Stat-wise, this is the general level of Genin.

This is considered the intermediate, or Chuunin, level, the character having grown quite versatile and knowledgable, capable of using most, if not all, fundamental jutsu of the category, as well as a handful of more powerful jutsu. Chuunin should be this proficient in their primary jutsu category.

Stat-wise, this is the general level of Chuunin.

This is where the character begins to excell at their field. Not quite a master, they may still have been able to fashion a few personal jutsu into their repetoire.

Stat-wise, this is the higher levels of Chuunin rank.

Jounin level, A-rank mastery is for truly capable ninja, able to use a vast majority of the jutsu within the category, as well as a good chunk of their own creations. Jounin should be this proficient in their primary jutsu category.

Stat-wise, this is the general level of Jounin.

True mastery, the S-rank is virtually unatainable for most, and includes truly unique jutsu. Kage should be this proficient in their primary jutsu category.

Stat-wise, this is Kage level, though even Kage usually only have one, or maybe two statistics in this range.

Nature Transformation
Nature Transformation (性質変化, Seishitsu Henka, Literally: Nature Transformation) is an advanced form of chakra control that entails the moulding and defining of the nature of one's chakra, altering its properties and characteristics for use in techniques.

The cost of learning to use a new element is always worth an additional increase per already known Nature Transformation. This extra cost only applies on the Initial E-rank increase.

Note: Advanced Element Kekkei Genkai Clans, such as the Yuki clan, does not get affected by this rule, when learning to master their two primary elements, as well as advanced element.


We realize it wouldn't be truly Naruto without Jinchuuriki, however, to further deviate ourselves from the original series, we have chosen to discard the Bijuu, or Tailed Beasts, in favor of our own Juutaijuu, or Zodiac Beasts.
What are Juutaijuu?
Juutaijuu (獣帯獣, Literally Zodiac Beasts) are massive creatures roaming the Ninja World. Said to be manifestations of chakra that sprung into existence when first humanity began using Ninjutsu, they appear suddenly and without warning, destroys everything in their path, and vanishes as they came. Enigmatic and dangerous, they are considered beyond S-rank on the Threat Chart of the villages.

The Juutaijuu are based on the 12 Earthly Branches of the Chinese Zodiac. however, some has been given a more monstrous visage.

What are Jinchuuriki?
Jinchuuriki (人柱力, Literally meaning: Power of Human Sacrifice) are humans that have Juutaijuu sealed within them. They exhibit extraordinary powers due to the immense chakra reserves they possess. Their powers will depend on their mastery of the beast within, shown by a fifth stat unique to Jinchuuriki: Mastery. Beginning at E-rank, when the beast is placed within them, the Jinchuuriki may master the beast within them up to S-rank, in which they have truly tamed their inner demons. However, the cost of gaining ranks in Mastery is doubled.
Becoming Jinchuuriki?
Becoming a Jinchuuriki requires the village you're part of to first capture and seal one of the Juutaijuu. At random intervals, Juutaijuu will appear somewhere in the Ninja World, and from there, it's a race to see who gets it. The Beast itself will be controlled by a moderator.

A Seal must be at least A-rank to hold a Juutaijuu, so bring your best Fuuinjutsu specialist!

After having captured and sealed a beast, the Kage and their council decides on who gets to have the Juutaijuu sealed within them, within a few guidelines:

  • The Chosen character's player must agree to become a Jinchuuriki.
  • The Kage cannot choose another one of their characters.
  • The character must be Genin.

The reason they need to be Genin, is to avoid already strong characters from suddenly getting a huge boost. In game, however, the reasoning is likely to be that they must grow alongside their beast, and that giving such power to an already powerful ninja would be dangerous, if they failed to control it.

Becoming a Jinchuuriki will grant you new powers, usually in the form of an element normally reserved to a clan, or something more unique. Your Mastery reflects your skill with whatever powers belong to your Juutaijuu.

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