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Naruto Sato Kigen (literally meaning Naruto Village Era) takes place during the founding of the Five Great Ninja Vilages, however, there is a twist. The villages are not the ones we are used to from the series, but instead, completely new takes on the Naruto World! The five villages, each with their own ideals and composition of clans, are radically different from each other, sure to create tension along the way...

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 CnT : Act 1 : Prologue, Open
Akawaga Yemon
 Posted: Jul 31 2018, 04:59 AM


Rank / A-Rank

Age / 23

Village / Taiyougakure

DP / 1

Snugglyrum / / He/She Depending on Clothing

or Tragedy
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The Anbu building was quiet. It usually was, there weren't many in the organization yet. Yemon had on a towel, don't ask him why, the answer was as boring as most of the things Yemon did. Which was interesting because he was currently staring at the three masks hung up in his locker. He was probably the only one that wore different masks for different tasks. He always liked being someone else, he was nothing but a figment on the wind that would always shatter.

Yemon sighed to himself and then reached back to pack his hair into a pony tail and tie it back. He shifted his weight and changed quickly, making sure everything was secure and in place. He always liked it better when he could relax before getting ready. He made sure to tuck his bingo book into the pouch at his hip. The last part was always more routine than everything else. Yemon would sling his sword, and then, finally, he would put on his armored bracers. Not the best idea of armor, but Yemon preferred to be light. He was a speedster, mainly because his body type wasn't built for strength, or he probably would have worked out more.

Lastly, as always, Yemon slung his sword over his shoulder and placed his Tragedy mask on. He checked his gear to make sure he had enough random pieces of sharp metal and headed out towards the Hokage's office. As he left the building, he vanished from sight, appearing a few streets towards the Hokage's office and stopping for some young ninja. One of them tilted his head at Yemon who looked back and shrugged nonchalantly before putting his hands in his pockets and deciding to slouch and wander slowly down the street, he was singing a soft song. Though, Yemon's voice came in at halfway between guy and girl, so that probably didn't end well for the few ninja trying to guess his gender as he passed. He waved at a few of the younger passer-by and kept strolling along looking for something interesting or someone to talk too. Bingo book was a little light so he was kind of not doing much, waiting for the next assassination target.

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